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"Look at the time for yourself. The press conference is over." Seeing that her expression was not right, Rui lowered the volume and pointed to the time on the screen. Playback. Just replaying.. Shan Hanjie herself experienced such a terrible thing, but she could only know it from the playback. Qin Youxuan bit his lip tightly, took a deep breath, and tried to keep himself calm. He turned around and went upstairs, walked back to his room, and turned out his cell phone. Click a few times, the screen is black. Sure enough, her cell phone was turned off. Sorry, I was afraid that your journalist friend would call you and spill the beans, so I turned off your cell phone while you were not paying attention. Rui stood by the door, looking at Qin Youxuan, who was in a trance in front of his mobile phone, and sincerely apologized. Qin Youxuan just looked up at her, then lowered her eyes and turned on her cell phone. A series of full-time SMS reminders. There's Ning Yanan's phone, and. Jin Chenye's. I must have seen the news, so I was in a hurry to contact her. Qin Youxuan put his cell phone in his bag, changed his clothes,10g Ozone Generator, and was ready to go out. Do you know that the press conference is over now, or do you want to go there? Rui looked at Qin Youxuan, who had picked up the bag, and asked nervously. Xiao Xuanzi, you should know that Jie is hiding from you, but he doesn't want you to worry. You can rest assured that he will be all right. If he can be knocked down so easily, he will not be a single cold Jie. In Rui's voice,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, there is a strong sense of pride. The worship of Shan Hanjie is complete. Qin Youxuan footsteps, raised his head to look at her, eyes flashing, "perhaps in your eyes he is omnipotent, but in my eyes, nothing should be, including the protection of me." His mental state was not right, and even if he was calm, she could see it. He was obviously very resistant to such an occasion, but he had to force himself to face everything. No one thought there was anything wrong with him holding on. He is Shan Hanjie, and he should be omnipotent. But his omnipotence in her eyes, only endless heartache. Qin Youxuan raised his eyes, turned around and went out of the room, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic bobbin heater, drove a car out of the garage, and quickly rushed in the direction of Shan's group. In the room. Rui was stunned for nearly ten minutes before he recovered from her words. Stunned at the room where no one had left, frowned, hesitated for a few seconds, then took out his cell phone and quickly dialed Shan Hanjie's phone. Shan's group. The skyscrapers towering into the sky are full of dignity. The president's office area on the top floor is now trapped in a depressed atmosphere. 7; Chapter 597 no one is allowed to stop. Shan Hanjie sank into the sofa chair, propped his head on one hand, staring at an open document on the table. Deep black eyes without any focus, as if meditating on something. On the face of the demon, there is a terrible coldness. "Jie Shao, this is the latest group evaluation report." Yao pushed him in, walked quickly up to him, and put a document on his desk. In a short period of one day, the stock price showed a diving trend, and had almost fallen to the bottom. It was widely rumored that the position of president of the group was about to change hands, causing panic among shareholders. They sold the shares of Shan's Group one after another. Even the press conference could not stop the falling stock price. "Have you found out what's going on?" Shan Hanjie raised his eyes slightly, put down the pen in his hand, and looked up at Yao. It is impossible for so many shareholders to suddenly gather together and announce that they want to dismiss him. Or when he's out of the country. If you don't see anyone playing tricks like this, he's stupid. Not yet. Yao bowed his head in frustration. "Some time ago, the big move reform did cause a big rebound, but it has been under control. The outside world only thinks that Jie Shao wants to implement the new system. Even if the group knows the inside story, it only thinks that you are stimulated and will soon return to normal. There is no obvious antagonistic action." Yao paused, "There are not many people in the group who can gather all the shareholders in such a short time." "It seems that the goal has been very clear, I cut his wings, he took advantage of the public anger to get rid of my power, at present, it seems that the old man is slightly better." "Shan Hanjie sneered." I knew for a long time that he had been waiting, but I didn't think he could not bear it. "Jie Shao, now the time is much earlier than I expected, is it necessary to change the plan?" Yao asked worriedly.
“……” Shan Hanjie narrowed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. The long fingers tapped on the table and made a deep sound. Remembering the chaos at the press conference, he frowned slightly and reached out to press his eyebrows. His face was a little ugly. Jie Shao, are you all right? Yao was about to come forward when he heard the noise outside the door. When I looked back subconsciously, I saw that the door of the president's office had been pushed open. Young madam, Jie Shao is busy and has told him not to disturb anyone. Secretary Chen's anxious voice came. The next second, Qin Youxuan's slender figure has stepped into the president's office. On the single cold Jie deep black eyes, do not want to run toward him in the past. Shan Hanjie was stunned and reacted very quickly. He stood up quickly and reached out to catch her body and held her in his arms. What are you doing here? "Shan Hanjie glanced at Rui, who had disappeared, and twisted his eyebrows." I miss you. Why didn't Rui inform you that I was out of Yujing Villa? Qin Youxuan shriveled and talked back unhappily. She knew, and he tried to hide it from her. ……” Shan Hanjie's eyes flashed slightly, he reached for his cell phone, and sure enough, he saw the missed call. So I didn't get the call. Otherwise,ceramic bobbin heater core, would you send someone to block me on the way? Qin Youxuan looked at the missed call on his cell phone and lowered his eyes. The little hand unhappily pulled the hem of his coat and twisted it on his fingers. Jie Shao, young grandmother, she. Secretary Chen stood by the door at a loss and did not know whether to advance or retreat. Go out and tell everyone in the secretarial department that no one is allowed to stop the young grandmother from going anywhere in the future. Shan Hanjie suddenly made a sound and stared down at Qin Youxuan's stunned little face. His long fingers pinched her nose. "Are you satisfied?" 7; Chapter 598 a look startled. "Yes." 。

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