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But she did not ask, she has been used to obeying her father since childhood, but also because she cares about Mo Kenai, also care about Mo Shaoqi. Both of them, she didn't want to give up! So, after sitting quietly for a few hours, she picked up the phone and called Mo Shaoqi. Mo Shaoqi really did not answer the phone for a long time, her heart has been sinking, has been sinking. ————————————————— Mo Shaoqi finally picked up the phone and said softly, "Yue Wei, what's the matter?"? Call me at this time? Shaoqi, can't I call you if I have nothing to do? If it's not convenient, then.. I'm hanging up. Her voice was so weak that it seemed to be blown away by the wind at any moment. Need not look, Mo Shaoqi also imagines, can imagine her that pear flower belt rain, delicate and pitiful appearance. Mo Shaoqi couldn't help sighing with a little boredom: "Yue Wei, what's the matter?" As soon as Zhuang Yuewei gritted her teeth, she sensitively felt that Mo Shaoqi was different from usual at this time. Although Mo Shaoqi always spoke to her with a touch of helplessness in his tone, at this moment, such obvious impatience and impatience had never been seen before. The woman's intuition tells Zhuang Yuewei that there must be a woman beside Mo Shaoqi at this time! Maybe it's the woman my father said,ibc spill pallet, and Mo Shaoqi will dote on her. This is the sixth sense to tell her clearly. Although Mo Shaoqi has many girlfriends in the past few years, but these are not enough to fear, Zhuang Yuewei's heart is very clear, upper-class men, which one does not go out to play with women! If she still wants to keep Mrs. Mo's position after that, she can't mind. But at the moment, her heart was also a little flustered. The coldness and alienation in Mo Shaoqi's tone had never been seen before. What kind of woman is he with? No Mo Shaoqi, you are mine! Only I can be the woman beside you who matches you! Who wants to take you away from me? I won't let her go! Thinking of this,collapsible pallet box, Zhuang Yuewei lowered her voice more and more and made a look like she was about to cry: "Shaoqi, I miss you. I want to go back to China, OK?" Mo Shaoqi sighed, he knew that he had to face the fact sooner or later, although the last time he was too busy with his work as an excuse to postpone the return of Zhuang Yuewei, but this is just a delaying tactic, he knew very well in his heart, Zhuang Yuewei will come back sooner or later, and should not be far away, otherwise, public opinion will refer to him as a heartbreaker, even if he can bear it. Mo Shi can't bear it either. He had no choice but to appease her. Although he is now very sentimentally attached to the bed, the woman waiting for him, but in his heart, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet suppliers, Mo Shi is always placed in the first place. He may not care about his reputation, he may not care about his own happiness and personal needs, but he must first consider Mo Shi! Volume 15 Verse 388: Good Things Interrupted 1 He may not care about his reputation, he may not care about his own happiness and personal needs, but he must first consider Mo Shi! He's not the only one. Thinking of this, he said softly, "OK, if you want to come back, you are welcome to come back at any time. You are my fiancee and the future hostess of Mo's family!" From Mo Shaoqi's tone, Zhuang Yuewei can be sure that at least now she still has a place in his heart, or that their engagement is too important to Mo Shaoqi's image.
With a silent sneer on her lips, she turned her voice into a pitiful one and asked tentatively, "But Shaoqi, aren't you very busy recently?"? I came back for the concert, and you.. You probably don't have time for me, do you? Or I won't bother you, and I'll go home and live by myself. I'm busy, but I still have time to see my fiancee's concert! You can rest assured that I will go to support you! Mo Shaoqi comforted her: "Tell me in advance if you have booked a plane ticket, or use my private plane to take you, but you have to tell me first!" His repeated reminders seemed to tell Zhuang Yuewei that there was another woman beside him, and that he had to hide her before she came back. Zhuang Yuewei is a lady from a good family, and she is smart, so how can she not understand. However, she pretended not to know, nodded heavily, clever and lovely: "OK, Shaoqi, then I will go to pack my bags quickly.". I haven't seen you for three years. In fact, I really miss you! Did you miss me? Of course there is! You are my fiancee. I don't miss you. Who do I miss? All right, don't think about it! Have a good rest and call me before you come back so that I can greet you with the highest courtesy. Also, what gift do you want? Zhuang Yuewei smiled: "I don't want any gift, to see you, to be around you, is the best gift!" " Then she hung up the phone. At the same time, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. —————————————— Nine son has now sat up, combing his hair, looking at the way Mo Shaoqi answered the phone. She felt that he was restless and that his broad shoulders were stiff. She understood that the phone call was made by Zhuang Yuewei, but she really didn't know that this Xiaowei seemed to have any magic power. The last time she and Mo Kenai were in the music teacher's room, she seemed to be able to monitor them. She called back and interrupted the good thing. This young lady is really not an ordinary person. However, she made the phone call at the right time, otherwise, she would have been eaten by Mo Shaoqi at this time, but I don't know if Mo Shaoqi will have that good interest after answering the phone. Sure enough, Mo Shaoqi lit a cigarette and seemed to be thinking about something. After a while, he slowly turned his head, bent down and touched Jiu Er's face. "I'm sorry,collapsible bulk containers," he said softly. "Did the phone call disturb you just now?" "No, I'm not asleep!" Nine son hurriedly explained. However, a flash of panic in his eyes did not escape Mo Shaoqi's eyes.

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